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)Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®). TRE®

‘The greatest ally we have is the body because it forces us to live fully in the present moment’ - David Berceli

TRE® is a relatively new way of working with the body, developed by Dr Berceli over the last 25 years. His work in war zones galvanised his thinking and development of TRE.® TRE® exercises encourage a natural and safe shaking response in your body. The shaking helps release muscular tension & relieves stress, promoting a sense of calm and balance in your nervous system.

TRE® is not a talking therapy. There is no need to revisit difficult memories. It is a set of exercises that promotes shaking. By dipping into your innate bodily wisdom, tremors engage with the most primitive parts of your brain. Survival reflexes of, for example, fight, flight or freeze, can be reset. This can encourage new connections of ease with self and other.

Individuals often describe TRE® as ‘weirdly wonderful’ - allowing the tremors to lead the body can be a novel and curiously connecting and calming experience.

Once you are confident with the fundamental principles of TRE® it is something you can use by yourself, to help with stress, tension and trauma held in the body.

‘Physical Sensations are the very foundations of consciousness…what you do physically is registered by your body and recorded in your mind…you are defined by how your body interacts with your environment’ - P. Levine, 2010.

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